Final Collection

The main deliverables for unit 2 is a core collection of 20 designs. I decided to split my collection into families of coordinating designs that work together and could be used together to decorate a room. I had a variety of scales, colours and motifs that create a broad collection that will appeal to many different types of people. My design work has been developing throughout the term so my best work, which went into my final collection, was the last croquis I created.

Blog_Pictures_13_ (11)   Blog_Pictures_13_ (13) Blog_Pictures_13_ (22)

I also had to do CAD visuals, which involves digitally putting my design into a real life setting. I chose a starting image from Sanderson’s website to input my own images on. CAD visuals allow the client to see how my designs would look on specific products without having to actually make them. This means you can see the real life scale of the designs and over a larger area. This is a really useful tool to have and brings my designs to life.

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