Photos from Morocco.

A collection of photographs from my trip to Morocco.

I have chosen to pick out ones that relate to textiles or ones that act in inspiration to my upcoming project. I was particularly interested in looking at pattern, especially that of the tiles and carved stone and plaster work. As a textiles student I was also very interested in that woven fabric as well as the felt making and rugs. I was intrigued by there patterns and interested into learning more about the meanings behind the symbols. Marrakech was alive with colour and I was intend to use this throughout my project.

Making a Loom

The area of Moroccan textiles I was most interested in was the rug making. We met several ladies who showed us how to make rugs – they demonstrated the knot they used to make pile rugs. I wanted to have a go myself so needed to make a loom. After some research I decided to make one from scratch. I had some help from my boyfriend, Carwyn, we came up with a plan and went shopping. We brought the basic bits of wood and marked them out.

Carwyn cut the wood into the right size and rounded the corners.


The plan involved adding several pieces of dowel to attach the warp to as it was much narrower than the frame and would make it easier to weave. 


The frame needed to strong so not to distort when weaving, originally corner supports were going to be added however these turned out not to be needed.

Loom  Loom

To attach the dowel a point had to be marked out and drilled to the same diameter as the dowel. After this all that was left was to glue and screw the frame together.


We then lowered one side of the frame – this makes it easier to pass the shuttle though.


I also made a shed stick, a heddle bar and a pick up stick.


Once made I had to add the warp and put all the components together.


I am now ready to make my first rug!

Colour Workshop

As colour is a key part of Moroccan culture and is all around you in Marrakech. We therefore had a workshop on it and I chose the stitch one as I would be learning something new and different. I also think stitch work would fit in very well with Moroccan textiles. The workshop was about painting onto bond-a-web and then cutting out your design and transfering to fabric. This techniques creates very interesting textiles and paterns within the design. It had a nice flowing and slightly random feel to it as each part of the motif has a slightly different pattern on it.

colour workshop1 colour workshop2 colour workshop3 colour workshop4

Sewing Box

I got very inspired watching the Great British Sewing Bee Christmas special and immediately wanting to start sewing – I was particularly taken by the sewing bow. I found some old fabric and cardboard at home and started to make. I was able to tailor my sewing box to my sewing equipment and what I use most. I also made a needle case and a pin cushion to go with it. This will prove a great companion and was very fun to make.

Blog_Pictures_Dec_13_2 (2)   Blog_Pictures_Dec_13_1 (2)

Making a Hatch Cover for Longbow II

The next thing that needed making for the Longbow interior was something to cover the inside of the hatches to act as a curtain and stop light getting though. I started off by picking my fabric and chose to have a blackout fabric in the middle as this one is for the fore cabin. Once done I measured up the space and drew a rough template of the area.

Blog_Pictures_Dec_13_6 (1)  Blog_Pictures_Dec_13_5 (1)

I then cut out and pinned the fabric right sides together with the blackout fabric on top. I stitched round the outside leaving a gap to be able to turn the fabric through.

Blog_Pictures_Dec_13_4 (2)   Blog_Pictures_Dec_13_3 (2)

Once turned through I stitched it up by hand to complete that shape. The next aspect I had to think about was how to hang this from the ceiling. I decided that curtain rails – in the form or wires, would run down either side of the curtain. I therefore had to turn the edge over and top stitch a tunnel into opposite sides of the cover. This complete I an just waiting for the rails to be put up in order to use my new hatch cover.