Third Year Degree Show – Buddy System.

As the last part of the ‘Making Connections’ module I had to help out with the construction and preparation for the 3rd year degree show. We each had a 3rd year buddy who we had to help them with their work and spaces. Mine was Alex Cann and she was really helpful in the advice and experience she has given me.

One of the first tasks was to prepare and paint her area, this required a fair amount of skill and lots of patience to get the gum tape to apply neatly and get the paint evenly. I was able to learn new skills and techniques that shall be really useful in future years and other exhibitions I have.

When my buddy didn’t need me I offered to help others, overlocking samples was a skill I was able to practice and refine. I had several tutorials from Maggie on best and┬áprofessional way to finish samples which proved really useful. I learnt the best way to make headers and how to make them look professional. This can lift your samples to another level and it really important for first impressions.

I was also able to learn from my buddy and the work she was doing for the degree show, she showed me how she made her press packs and what was needed in them. Having this knowledge now will make my own show next year much easier, by seeing how things work and the importance of preparation. I have learnt a lot over the past 2 weeks and feel I am much more prepared for next year by being a part of the buddy system and helping out wherever I can. This has made me really excited about my own show and made me start thinking of ideas for my final major project. I am now really excited to be going into 3rd year and looking forward to next years degree show.

Here are some pictures of Alex’s exhibition, I have found it really rewarding to see the process from start to finished and be able to say that I helped make that happen.

Any time I wasn’t doing work for Alex I would offer to help anyone who needed it, as many people had two buddies there was always work to be done.