Research and Reading

In order to give my study more understanding and depth on some of my topics, I was required to do some further reading. I was keen to learn more about what life was like for the working classes during the Industrial Revolution and whether their lifestyle had an impact on the rug making of the period. I looked at several books to help me gain this knowledge, the most useful of which was ‘The Evolution of the British Welfare State’ Derek Fraser (1984). I also felt it was necessary to research more into William Morris, the Bauhaus and war rugs in order to give a more rounded opinion and have a better knowledge of the subjects that I am discussing.

I would not have been able to do this research with out the use of the electronic library, I have used Summon to help me find book, e-book, journals and e-journals and much more. I have found this resource very helpful and user friendly, I have also used several of the libraries databases, such as Art Full Text and Cite Me Right, which has also been beneficial.


So not quite a sewing project but still good fun

I created my design of a sailing boat, as it going to up it up in the bathroom on the Longbow. I created a wavey sea to give the design movement. I used a variety of shades of blue and purple to create shading on the sea.


I used a variety of blue and white china to create the hull of the boat – this offered variety to the mosaic tiles and makes the boat stand out. I also did the same for the sails but out of grey and white, I also did a black outline in order to make it clear. And finally the sky using a variety of pale colours and the flag at the top of the mast in red to provide contrast. The tiles and china was stuck down using standard tile adhesive, once this has dried you can go onto the next step.


The next step is to grout the piece, this is an image of my mum’s design as I had my hands covered in grout while I was doing mine, but the process is the same. The aim is to get the grout into all the little gaps between the tiles, once you have achieved this you can polish off the excess – to revel your design.

Here is an experiment into other ways of creating a mosaic.

Stitched Camper van

Stitched Campervan

Inspired by a cushion cover from Shaws, I created this appliqué camper van canvas.

Experimental Sketches

Once I had chosen my theme ‘Enchanted Forest’ I decided on focusing on a spring time enchanted forest, looking in particular at bluebells and blossoms. I started doing some sketches. I have used a variety of drawing media and textured papers to create different effects.





These sketches shall form the basis for card designs.

Theme – ‘Enchanted Forest’

I have chosen to make a collection of 8 cards for John Lewis, I have researched their products and discovered there key values that I am going to translate into my collection. One company that supply John Lewis that caught my eye whilst researching was Paperlink and their Lacie collection, here are a few examples:

However I needed a theme to connect all the cards and make the collection cohesive. I looked again at John Lewis for inspiration, however this time at their wallpaper department. I discovered several that have inspired my theme of ‘Enchanted Forest’ I have since done further research that has inspired my mood board.

Silk Postcards

The inspiration for this project is a World War One silk post that belongs to my mum, silk postcards were made in France and Belgium. They were brought by soldiers to sent home to their loved ones, often bearing messages such as ‘Forget me not’ and “A Kiss from France’. These postcards were machine embroidered then finished by hand, it is this combination of fabric and card that I want to translate into my work. As it is the centenary of the start of the First World War I feel this would be a fitting tribute.

These are a few examples that have inspired me:

After doing some trend research using WGSN I discover an upcoming trend called ‘Past Modern’ which involves reinventing old things and making them new and edgy. My aim is to achieve this with the silk postcards.

London Trip

The textiles cohort went on a trip to London to gain inspiration for our project, we decided to go to a trade fair in Olympia. There were lots of companies there to talk to and exchange ideas. I was able to develop my initial ideas from the information I learnt there. We also went to London Bridge to view the poppy installation. I wanted to see this as it relates to the theme of World War 1 silk postcards that I have chosen for this project. The installation was very powerful and thought provoking. Overall the day was highly inspiring and proved very useful for my project. I have been able to put my ideas into context, with the centenary of the start of the Frist World War and also into a wider retail context.