Tutorials with Ashley

I found the tutorials with Ashley very helpful as I was able to discuss ideas and develop points with her help and guidance. She offered me advice on books to read, such the Derek Fraser, The Evolution of the Welfare State, and areas to do further research.

The most helpful aspect was being able to hand in my first draft to be marked and get feedback. Ashley gave me a lot of advice on how to improve my writing style and convey my arguments better. I also got clarification on referencing and that by including fewer quotes it would let the writing flow better allowed for more analysing and in depth discussion.

Another areas that I needed to improve on is my spelling and grammar – in order to this I have made a concerted effect to read everything thing through and also get someone else, boyfriend or family member to check for any mistakes I may have overlooked.

New Product Development

As part of our brief from International Greetings our line extension of 8 cards have to have a new product development, something that makes your cards stand out from all the rest in the shop. As I have chosen to use digital stitch I wanted to make a fabric piece that they could use after the card has been displayed. After doing product research at Made by Hand I concluded that an appropriate gift to have in a card would be a lavender bag. Still very popular, lavender bags are simple to make and fit in really well with the occasions I have chosen, such as new home or new baby.

Digital Stitch

I have chosen to stitch out my designs, this shall be one of my unique selling points as fabric cards are not available in most shops.

I started off my digitising my designs then stitching them out, I have experimented with different stitches and fabric.



The digital stitch machines allowed for greater accuracy than freehand embroidery and also means it can be mass produced.

Draft 1

Initially I found writing my dissertation very daunting, staring at a blank page of paper wasn’t helping therefore I began by writing a plan for each chapter and forming arguments or points for discussion, which helped me to to subdivide my chapters. Once I had a basic structure I was able to start forming a more detailed argument. I used my research and the quotes I had gathered while reading to support my arguments.

Initially I found writing the introduction hard as I need to set the seen and give an outline of what is to come without giving away too much and repeating myself later. However with advice from Ashley and the handbook I got the hang of it, once it was written I found the introduction very useful to refer to while writing.

I started writing my chapters based on my plan, and included quotes as references as I went along. I tried to back up very point I made with a quote or reference, to give my argument support from academics and theories. I also collected several images that I referred to throughout my writing. I worked hard to get a first draft completed in order to be submitted and marked by my tutor, I wanted my work to have a profession feel so I worked a lot on the layout as well as the title and contents pages.
Title Page

Developed Sketches

In order to develop my sketches I gained inspiration from several areas, art nouveau greatly helped me to create flowing floral designs. I also looked at the surface design on Twinings tea caddies, these have created floral designs out of tea related imagery. I attempted to create several design using the occasion of the card as inspiration.

I tried various occasions such as: new baby, birthday, get well soon and many more. Some designs were more successful than others and these shall be the ones I develop into final designs.