Draft 1

Initially I found writing my dissertation very daunting, staring at a blank page of paper wasn’t helping therefore I began by writing a plan for each chapter and forming arguments or points for discussion, which helped me to to subdivide my chapters. Once I had a basic structure I was able to start forming a more detailed argument. I used my research and the quotes I had gathered while reading to support my arguments.

Initially I found writing the introduction hard as I need to set the seen and give an outline of what is to come without giving away too much and repeating myself later. However with advice from Ashley and the handbook I got the hang of it, once it was written I found the introduction very useful to refer to while writing.

I started writing my chapters based on my plan, and included quotes as references as I went along. I tried to back up very point I made with a quote or reference, to give my argument support from academics and theories. I also collected several images that I referred to throughout my writing. I worked hard to get a first draft completed in order to be submitted and marked by my tutor, I wanted my work to have a profession feel so I worked a lot on the layout as well as the title and contents pages.
Title Page

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