Screen Printing

After creating a selection of background designs I made up a screen containing four of the best designs. I then printed these onto both fabric and paper in a variety of colours from my colour pallet. Here are images of the printing process.

The process of screen printing means each print is different and unique, this will create variety within the collection.

Digital Work

After doing a lot of sketchbook I wanted to put some of my designs into photoshop can digitise them. I have chosen abstract images to create background textures, such as ice close up, ropes and rock textures. These digital designs will contrast nicely with the hand drawn motifs that will go on top.

I also experimented with digitising some of the equipment for my winter climbing ranges to see what would work best.

Screen print and stitch samples

After I have create my initial design I was able to make up a screen for printing and have created a variety of samples. Some of which will be stitched into.

I have also taken my drawings into the digital stitch software and digitised my designs. These have proved very successful and I have used them to create motif fills which is an accurately repeating design.

The next step is to combine these two techniques and to keep developing my design work.

Developed Drawings

After I had my initial sketches I started to experiment more and use several new drawings techniques such as embroidery effect, stippling and cutwork. Here are a selection of the drawings.

These proved very effective, especially the cutwork which will be used to create design suitable for screen printing. I shall also be using these to create design for digital stitch.

Initial Drawings

For my range of female climbing clothes and accessories I wanted to choose an appropriate theme for the surface design work. The most relevant to me was the use of climbing equipment, I therefore started drawing.

I used a variety of media such as graphite pencil and pen to create a selection of drawings as well as combining the drawings with climbing related images.