Digital Stitch Samples

I have created my stitch designs on the EasyDesign soft wear, by scanning in my drawings and then tracing it. Once I have created the motif and I experimented with creating motif fills and circular repeats. I have also combined stitch with some of my screen printing samples to give the stitch designs more texture and depth. These are a few of my best samples which will be developed into final designs.

Design Developent and Screen Printing

I have been developing my design work by playing around with different methods of repeating and creating designs. I have developed my motifs to make them most effective in a design. The designs are all created by scanning in my drawings and then repeating, this creates a hand drawn feel to the collection. I them transferred these designs onto a screen for printing. These are a selection of samples that I have made from my design development, the best aspects of these shall feed into my final collection.

Lino Printing Workshop

I wanted to experiment with different printing techniques so signed up for a lino printing workshop to investigate the effect this creates. We learnt how to create a reduction print with involves printing the first colour before cutting more away and printing a second colour on top, followed by a third colour. This means that the design can be built up and contain many layers, this is more complex than a simple two tone print.

These images shoe the process of cutting the lino, rolling the ink and then printing using the printing press. Lino printing creates a nice textured print that is very different to screen printing, I has more texture in the print and can be enhanced by letting some of the background show through.