CAD Visuals

I have chosen to create several CAD (computer aided designs) visuals to demonstrate how my designs would look made into products and in the environment intended. To create my CAD visuals I got a photographer friend to take several pictures of me climbing. Seeing as I am a great example of my target market I thought it would be appropriate to use pictures of me climbing. I then took pictures of my croquis and used Photoshop to combine the two together.

Printing Final Croquis

I started my final designs by choosing the fabric, I needed several different types to incorporate the climbing clothes and accessories, for the clothing side I chose an organic cotton jersey for t-shirts and a medium weight cotton for trousers. For the accessories I needed heavy duty outdoor fabric that can be used for rucksacks and bouldering mats. Once I had these and my designs it was time to expose my screen and start printing. I have been having several problems while exposing and have ended up with several blocked screens that needed redoing. However I have overcome these problems and started printing.

These are a few pictures of the croquis so far. Overall I am very happy with the progress made but I can keep improving on these.

Design Development

I wanted all of my designs to have a hand crafted feel so each one starts as a drawing which I then scan in and played around with in Photoshop. I have experimented with different types of repeat and various scales. I aim to create a design that looks good even if you don’t recognise the climbing equipment shown. These designs are black and white because this is required for putting the design onto a screen.