Press Pack

For our course we are required to make a press pack consisting of a business card, post card, CV and CD of images. I did lots of research into different types of business cards how what information I should have on them. I chose to get them printed with vista print due to their high quality and reasonable prices. I chose images of my stitch work to go on my cards as this would contrast with the print samples on my postcards.

I volunteered to be on the postcard committee to help the cohort create their postcards, I helped organise a day with the photographers to get pictures of our work ready for the postcards. I also had input into the design and layout of the postcards. Here is a copy of mine;

postcard 1

I also had to write my CV, earlier in the year we had a seminar with Es George who specialises in CV, she helped me understand what information to out in them and how to format it best. I chose to put one of my designs as a background to link it to my current work.


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