Here is a small selection of the products I have on sale. All these items are handmade by me. To order any of my products please visit my Facebook page; or my etsy page;


Frayed Edges

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frayed edges 4 (7)

I have recently created my own small business called Frayed Edges where I make and sell a wider variety of craft and gift items. For more information on my products please go to my Facebook page;

Silk Postcards

The inspiration for this project is a World War One silk post that belongs to my mum, silk postcards were made in France and Belgium. They were brought by soldiers to sent home to their loved ones, often bearing messages such as ‘Forget me not’ and “A Kiss from France’. These postcards were machine embroidered then finished by hand, it is this combination of fabric and card that I want to translate into my work. As it is the centenary of the start of the First World War I feel this would be a fitting tribute.

These are a few examples that have inspired me:

After doing some trend research using WGSN I discover an upcoming trend called ‘Past Modern’ which involves reinventing old things and making them new and edgy. My aim is to achieve this with the silk postcards.

Kanzashi Flower

Kanzashi is hair ornaments used in traditional Japanese hairstyles. There are many varieties and many styles of wearing kanzashi. The way a geisha wears her kanzashi indicates her status immediately to an informed audience according to the type and location of the kanzashi.

Kanzashi flowers that are made into brooches are a really great seller in the gallery and more stock always needs to be made. I job for today was to make several brooches.

I made a photo diary to explain the making process and the steps involved.

I feel I am now adding my own touch and creativity to the business by making these flowers to sell. We also discussed how they can be developed by turning them into hair grips or necklaces or bag accessories. I contributed my ideas and feel I have helped the business to grew and evolve. Today I have been able to develop my sewing skills and practice the skills Michelle has taught me. I also feel I am contributing to the business by producing items to sell. We are looking at also creating a Japanese bag collection made from vintage Japanese fabrics.